Office Manager

Job Description

The goal for this position is to provide excellent customer service by being the liaison between Molly Maid and the customer, by helping the HSP’s to perform at their best, that they are properly dressed, trained and equipped, and that they are working safely and have reliable company vehicles.
1. OFFICE DUTIES – Including but not limited to the following:
• Maintaining Customer Care Schedule, and scheduling customer cleans. Interacts with customers to ensure that cleaning schedules are met.
• Receptionist duties: answer incoming phone calls and emails.
• perform opening & closing duties.
• Account for keys and put away at end of day.
• Enter new customer information into Customer Care.
• Send out welcome letters to new customers.
• Send follow up letters to unclosed estimates.
• Send Thank You notes after first clean.
• Send out cards for birthdays, get well, sympathy, etc.
• Call customers daily and notify them of appointments.
• Replenish employee forms and keep supplies on hand.
• Assist in monthly meeting, with awards and presentations.
• Assist with keeping the office neat & tidy & emptying trash.
2. SAFETY DIRECTOR – Responsibility for the safety of all employees and customers, including, but not limited to the following:
• Conduct monthly safety meetings.
• Ensure that all vehicles are properly maintained. Assist employees in weekly vehicle inspections.
• Check team’s equipment to ensure that they have all the proper supplies and equipment, and that all cleaning supplies are properly labeled.
• Ensure that all Route Books have the proper information in them. Including emergency information, and MSDS sheets.
3. TRAINING NEW EMPLOYEES – Assist in the qualifying and interviewing process. Make recommendations for hiring. Administer forms and video’s to new employees, review tests, and perform in-field training. Equip new employees with uniforms and supplies.
4. VEHICLES– Inspect vehicles for cleanliness and safety by performing inspections and filling out forms. Track maintenance, oil changes and repairs. Assist in transporting vehicles for service.
5. SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT – Ensure that all teams are properly equipped. Maintain inventory of products and supplies, and assist in replenishing inventory.
6. CLEANING – Assist teams when they are behind schedule or are challenged with a job, or have a difficult customer, and fill in when company does not have sufficient staff.
7. QUALITY CHECKS – Ensure that all customers are satisfied, by performing quality checks by: inspecting cleans and making calls to customers.
8. CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS – Follow up on all customer complaints to ensure complete satisfaction. Perform touch–up cleans when needed or re-schedule team to re-clean home.
9. ESTIMATES – Perform service estimates for prospective clients.


*NOTICE: Molly Maid LLC is the franchisor of the Molly Maid® franchised system. Each Molly Maid® franchised location is independently-owned and operated by an independent franchisee that conducts his or her own professional cleaning service under the Molly Maid® brand. As a service to its hundreds of independent franchisees throughout the nation and abroad, Molly Maid LLC lists on this website the employment opportunities available throughout the Molly Maid® franchised network so those employment opportunities may be conveniently found by interested parties at one central location. In each and every instance the only employer will be the independent franchisee who has listed its available position(s) on this website. Molly Maid LLC is NOT the employer and/or joint employer for: (i) any of the job opportunities listed on this website; (ii) any of the independent franchisees; and, (iii) any of the employees of the independent franchisees. *Each independent franchisee hires and determines the terms and conditions of employment for its own employees, accordingly benefits and employment practices vary by location.