Job Description

Can you clean a house?

Have you ever looked at someone that supervises and trains people and thought, "I would like to be a leader one day."

Do you think you have what it takes?

Then today is YOUR DAY!

Do you love cleaning?: the result is worth the effort, the feeling of accomplishment, or perhaps that you create order from the chaos.

Are you strong?: the kind of person that can spend most of the day on your feet and then go to the gym after work. In fact, you prefer it that way.

Are you focused?: the kind of focused you have to be to get 3 kids fed, dressed, and on their way to school, all while getting yourself ready too, and making sure no one forgets to wear pants.

Are you a leader?: the kind of person that can convince a teenager that homework is more important than beating level 147 of WarHoot Online, while teaching the other teenager how to cook dinner, and when its over convince them to work together to clean the kitchen AND all still love each other by bedtime.

Then you could be a Molly Maid:  and right now, we are looking for rising leaders to soar like ONLY YOU can.

If you are ready, here's what we have to offer: 

COMPANY VEHICLES for our employees to use while cleaning homes. We make the car payments. We pay for the gas, the insurance, and the upkeep. If the transmission falls out, we pay for it. Always. My staff never pays for anything related to operation of the cars. Ever.

We are a LARGE cleaning service. If fact we are turning away business because you aren't here. Never get sent home with nothing to do.

Pay is great. Up to $18 per hour while cleaning! AND we only have a $2 surcharge (and half of that is for your paid vacation program). Compare that to the $20+ surcharge at the cleaning service where you work now (you know who you are)! Plus, if you work full-time, we will keep you busy. As a Team Leader, your pretax earnings should be at least $350 each week and may be as high as $500 per week AND on top of that you get your tips and bonuses.

We have a good work environment. I'm not kidding! Check out our video here:

We are organized. With hundreds and hundreds of clients, we have to be.

We are looking for experienced cleaners OR leaders who can quickly learn to clean, Just like YOU, to join our team today! Don't let this opportunity to join the Best of the Best cleaning service in all of Hampton Roads slip by.

And if that's not enough, we offer a  $150 signing bonus! If you are a full-time employee in good standing six months after you start working full-time with us, the bonus is yours!


TO GET STARTED, answer the following questions AND attach a resume or work history INCLUDING why you left each of your jobs.


Don't delay! My next training class may be the LAST ONE this year, and I may not be looking for rising leaders for a while.