house cleaners with great hours

Job Description

Be part of the 2015 & 2016 BEST CLEANING SERVICE IN FT BEND COUNTY. 

 Work from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday - no nights - no weekends. 

Meet very kind customers that are so happy for our help keeping their homes clean. 

Travel with a partner in a Molly Maid car around the Ft. Bend area. 

Great co-workers - friendly and fun to work with.  

Weekly pay and earn paid vacation.  Opportunities for advancement. 


*NOTICE: Molly Maid LLC is the franchisor of the Molly Maid® franchised system. Each Molly Maid® franchised location is independently-owned and operated by an independent franchisee that conducts his or her own professional cleaning service under the Molly Maid® brand. As a service to its hundreds of independent franchisees throughout the nation and abroad, Molly Maid LLC lists on this website the employment opportunities available throughout the Molly Maid® franchised network so those employment opportunities may be conveniently found by interested parties at one central location. In each and every instance the only employer will be the independent franchisee who has listed its available position(s) on this website. Molly Maid LLC is NOT the employer and/or joint employer for: (i) any of the job opportunities listed on this website; (ii) any of the independent franchisees; and, (iii) any of the employees of the independent franchisees. *Each independent franchisee hires and determines the terms and conditions of employment for its own employees, accordingly benefits and employment practices vary by location.